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It's that season again to "bust" out the images of those in support of the 'Mommy Guns'. Images should be tasteful, respectful and most off all not just to show the breasts for showing a breast. Keep it clean.  Also Keep in mind an images of men and women in pink is also considered in support.

The Moderators for this group will delete images that are inappropriate or violate DA's TOS rules (and will be reported)

Gallery is open for 1 submission a day with no restrictions. Bring on your 2d, 3d, photo's, etc.
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The Ripple Effect is live

Greetings fellow members of the Mantorian Realm,

Some of you may not be aware but our very own :iconpdsmith: Has published his first book called "The Ripple Effect" Over the last several months that he has been writing this book, I have had the opportunity to be many things, a sounding board, brain storming partner, a ghost writer and most importantly a friend. Like many things this book had humble beginnings as a simple write up for a character at :iconrealm-of-exiles:. The single page write quickly grew a life of its own that consumed many hours of internet time talking back and forth.

This book has been a real labor of love, and after many revisions, rewrites, addition, subtractions and reviews, it was found the story was no longer containable in one book, so the Ripple Effect is now part 1 of a 3 part trilogy. During the writing of this book :iconpdsmith: has taken the time to make a few images that have been featured in the folder Ripple Effect. I encourage you to take a look and leave a comment on the images there.

The book is available for FREE at Smashwords… I invite you to stop by and get you a copy of the book for your reading enjoyment. I have included the short write up that was posted with the book, I hope that it inspires you to pick it up and read it.

"The Sol system has come to an end; from it, mankind begins a new on a new
world in a new place unlike anything imagined. Three thousand years later
mankind has changed, it has learned from its mistakes, but still plagued by
an enemy beyond imagination.

This is a story of a lowly librarian who learns there is more to life than
just her books, her family and religion. She discovers romance in the least
expected place, finds the courage to stand up for herself at the most
unanticipated location, and fights for the survival of others when those
closest to her just want her to be the shy, timid and cowardly woman they
once knew."


I have returned

Greetings fellow members of the Mantorian Realm,

I have returned from R&R and have gotten settled back into my normal daily grind, so I will be taking back over from Paul to relieve some of the stress off of him. I want to thank all of you for the fine art everyone has submitted and a really special thanks to all of our great Co-Founders that did an amazing job while Paul and I were away.




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Mustang's Corner

Tip of the Day
February 11th, 2013

Yes I know it's been a long time since I even put any tips up. Seems we sidetracked with life and the simple things get put on hold.


I am seeing more and more people using Reality and it's great to see. I thought I would throw out a few simple tips.

Cornea - Make sure it's set to glass. Make sure there is no file for Transmission Map, Bump Map or Alpha Channel. Check under the Alpha Channel tab that the Strength or Opacity is set to 1.00. Thin film thickness and thin film IOR should be set to 0.00. Click on Architectural for Glass Type. Set the Reflection Color and Transmission color to 255 255 255. This should give you a nice glassy look. Do it to the eye surface too.

Something I have been trying out more is IES Files with Reality Mesh lights.
If you go to the Reality panel under the light tabs, look down under Light properties and you will IES FILES. You can add in an IES file there. IES files changes how the mesh light will act in a scene. If you add an IES file that is for a recessed favorite one right now....then, in simple terms, the light acts just like a real recessed light would in lighting the scene.
Links for IES FILES:………

IES files can be confusing to understand the manufacture's code but test them out and see how they can change a scene.

Site rules...

As much as we all hate to have to follow rules, they are a part of our daily lives. To make the site as user friendly and enjoyable to everyone, we have had to institute the following rules.

1) The TOS will be followed at all times. (No need to explain this one)

2) No flaming of peoples work. (IF you are a strictly Cannon person, please respect those that are Non-Cannon and vice versa.)

3) For now we have instituted a 10 image per week limit to prevent Spamming of the folders. (This could be lifted at a later date.)

4) Please respect the work of other artist, we are a Sci-Fi group not art critics.

5) If an image is posted to the wrong folder it will be rejected and a note requesting you to submit it to the proper folder will be sent to you. Please do not take this as an insult or a put down. It is just far easier for you to submit it to the proper folder than it is for us to approve it and then chase it down and move it. Please do not give the Cofounder that rejects your image and then requests that you resubmit it a hard time. This is my rule so please direct all negative comments in regards to this to me. I value my Cofounders greatly and will not tolerate any abuse directed towards them. We are all equal but I still accept full responsibility for the way the site handles things.

This doesn't seem like a lot of rules to have but we do ask that you follow them to make this group as enjoyable as possible.


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I-Am-Madbat Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015
Is DA screwing with the submission process? I saw no folder options when I was submitting mine.
MADMANMIKE Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I've experienced that before, it could have something to do with your browser cache..
I-Am-Madbat Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2015
I'll clear it, but it only happens on some groups. I just noticed it happening this week.
I-Am-Madbat Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Odd...Your page says I submitted a deviation today (which I did) but my page has no record of it at all. Has this happened to anyone before? It's happening to me on several groups.
ShadowhawkOne Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It has happened to me in the past but I have no idea why, sounds like an error on DA's part somewhere.
I-Am-Madbat Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
DA has a few issues under the hood that crop up from time to time.
PDSmith Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
I've had it happen to a few other glitches, must be a DA thing, I've found a day or so later things catch up and straighten up. if not, let me know and I'll see what I can do to fix your image to our gallery.
I-Am-Madbat Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
It seems to be a DA glitch with submissions.  Clearing browser cache and history helps a bit, but not for all of them. Just want to give you a heads up. If people start submitting things 5 times over, you'll know why.
PDSmith Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
thank you.
thefirstfleet Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
Thank you for the features!
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